Lean Library - Access Full-Text Anytime, Anywhere

Lean Library is a browser extension that delivers full-text content to you, regardless of where you are linking from, and without the need to visit the Library Hub website first.

Lean Library will automatically detect when you are on a website that contains content that the Library Hub subscribes to.

Lean Library will also automatically deliver you open access versions (if one is available), when the Library Hub does not provide subscription access.

Lean Library puts the Library right into your research workflow no matter where you start your search (e.g. Google, Google Scholar, JSTOR, academia.edu), reducing the chance that you hit a paywall and get asked to pay for access to an article.

Download Lean Library

When installed on your browser, the Lean Library plugin works by analysing the website URLs you visit. If you want to know more about your data and privacy see the Lean Library Privacy Policy

What you will see happening when you download Lean Library