The Library Hub provides access to an extensive range of online resources (databases, ejournals and eBooks) and a wealth of other library-related information. It is an online one-stop shop for all things “library”, providing links to many useful tools and resources, including academic resources, library special collections, FAQs, and a range of general and subject-based LibGuides. A Google-like search box simultaneously searches multiple online resources and produces a single results list. Search results also include brief topic overviews called “Research Starters”.


In 2015 the University of Divinity, through its Library Committee, determined to establish a shared online Library Hub to provide a single point of access to online resources for members of the University. This aimed to create a consistent standard of access for all staff and students, regardless of their home College or associated Libraries, and to reduce costs and increase resources by using a single licence where possible for online resources available to the whole University. The project was funded under the University’s Strategic Plan, and after a competitive tender process the project established through an agreement between the University of Divinity and the Mannix Library.

The Library Hub was subsequently developed by Mannix Library on behalf of all members of the University, and officially launched in February 2016. The initial agreement was for three years (concluding on 31 December 2018) with an option for renewal. Since the Library Hub was established additional resources have been added each year and significant service improvements have been provided to University staff and students. The original agreement was renewed for a further period of three years on recommendation of the University’s Library Committee in October 2018. The agreement authorises the Mannix Library Manager to liaise with vendors on behalf of the University and to liaise with libraries associated with the University to maximise the benefits of the Library Hub. Arrangements made under the agreement are reviewed annually, providing an opportunity to note ongoing projects to grow and improve the Library Hub, document targets for the following year and revise the annual budget.