The Libraries affiliated with the University of Divinity (UD) and its Colleges are critical to the University’s mission. Their combined collections, together with the online resources available via the University’s Library Hub, provide all members of the University community with access to an extensive range of resources that support excellence in learning, teaching and research.

All “University Libraries” are listed below. These libraries are signatories to the University Libraries Agreement and/or listed on a Collegiate Agreement.

All members of the University are entitled to access and borrow from all University of Divinity Libraries listed above, to access the University Library Hub, and to receive a University ID Card. A Libraries Brochure available via the Library Hub provides further information. Access to collections, including borrowing rights, are subject to reasonable constraints which may be imposed by each library. Contact individual libraries for open hours and access arrangements..

Reciprocal Borrowing

All members of the University also have reciprocal borrowing rights at the University of Melbourne. Borrowing privileges do not include access to the University of Melbourne’s online databases from outside of the University library branches. Members of the University of Divinity need to enrol as borrowers of the University of Melbourne by going to the Baillieu Library and presenting their current UD staff or student card.