All members of the University as defined in section 3 (2) of the University of Divinity Act 1910 are entitled to access and borrow from all University of Divinity Libraries, to access the University Library Hub, and to receive a University ID Card (see table below).

Category Eligibility
Students Currently enrolled in an award or a unit (including students on formal Leave of Absence)
Staff Academic Staff - As determined by the Academic Staff Policy
General Staff - All non-academic staff employed by a College of the University
Librarians - Staff of a library of the University
Other Staff - All staff currently employed under authority of the University Council (including OVC staff)
Honorary Researchers - as determined by the Academic Staff Policy (includes Honorary Research Fellows, Honorary Research Associates, Honorary Postdoctoral Associates)
Emeritus Professors - As determined by the Academic Staff Policy
Members Visiting Academics - As determined by the Visiting Academic Nomination Policy, for the approved duration of the visit
Members of Centres not otherwise covered - During the term of appointment
Other Committee members - During the term of appointment
Council members - As determined by the University of Divinity Act 1910
University Scholars - During the term of appointment

Access to Library Hub

Access to the Library Hub is available on site at all University of Divinity Libraries. Remote access to all licensed content requires a username (email address) and password. These login details are the same as those used to access the University’s Learning Management System (ARK) and the Paradigm Education Management System (formerly TAMS).

Students will automatically receive their login details as part of the enrolment process.

Staff/Members: All other eligible members of the University (including Honorary Researchers and University Scholars) who wish to access the Library Hub need to complete an IT Systems Access Form prior to them being issued with their username and password. The form needs to be approved by their home College and lodged with the Office of the Vice-Chancellor by emailing it to

Library Access

Access to library collections, including borrowing rights, are subject to reasonable constraints which may be imposed by each library governing access to reserve collections, special collections or sensitive materials. Contact individual libraries for opening hours and access arrangements. A Libraries Brochure available via the Library Hub provides further information

University ID Cards

The same University ID card may be used to access all libraries associated with the University.

Students: A University ID card will be generated for all enrolled students of the University at the point of admission and may be collected from the student’s home College.

Staff/Members: University ID cards for Staff and Member categories will be issued by either the relevant College of the University or the Office of the Vice-Chancellor.

Please note that your card and contact details need to be added to each library’s management system. This will generally already be done for you at the primary library associated with your home institution. If you wish to access any other library collections, please remember to register at each additional library before you borrow for the first time.

For any enquiries related to these Access Guidelines please email