Shared Catalogue

The search bar enables you to search across all University of Divinity library collections. This includes all of the Library Hub’s electronic resources as well as the print holdings of University of Divinity Libraries, that contribute to the shared catalogue. All students, staff and other members of the University are entitled to access these resources and borrow from these libraries.

By using the filters on the left you can limit your search results to a single library, or expand it to include University of Divinity Libraries, or Libraries Worldwide. This search functionality is based on WorldCat, the world’s most comprehensive library database, enabling users to identify resources held in library collections around the world.

Over the 2020-2022 summer four libraries associated with the University moved to a shared catalogue.
  • Mannix Library
  • St Paschal Library
  • St Athanasius College Library
  • Adelaide Theological Library

In addition to holdings information, search results will also display live availability data for these libraries. This will include the item’s location and call number, and whether the item is on loan, or available to be borrowed.

The University of Divinity Libraries group includes holdings information for the four libraries listed above and those listed below, that contribute to the shared system.
  • ALC Library
  • The Carmelite Library
  • Dalton McCaughey Library
  • Eva Burrows College Library
  • Geoffrey Blackburn Library (Whitley College)
  • Leeper & Mollison Libraries (Trinity College)
  • Queens College Library